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1/2" Multicolor Metallic Balloons

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There’s just something about helium balloons that screams “birthday party.” They’re so firmly associated with birthdays, in fact, that some folks wouldn’t DREAM of trying to celebrate without them! But regardless of whether you absolutely adore party balloons or they make you nervous, we have just the thing to take your decorating to the next level: multicolor, metallic balloon confetti! 

These multicolor metallic balloons are shiny, eye-catching, and come in a variety of jewel-bright colors. They won’t pop, deflate, or get lodged against the ceiling, but they WILL almost certainly delight your guests—especially the young and young at heart. Don’t host another “natal anniversary” without them!

How to Use

Birthday party confetti can be sprinkled over tables, chairs, and other furniture to create elaborate visual displays, poured into envelopes in order to add a special effect to invitations and thank you notes, or tossed into the air to drum up excitement at a pivotal moment in your event (i.e., that final line of the birthday song!). You can also use confetti to make beautiful, iridescent, confetti-filled balloons—pop ‘em for a sudden burst of color, or post them on the walls to make your venue that much more cheerful! Please note that this particular style of loose confetti is NOT designed to be used with guns or blowers. Metallic confetti is not colorfast, and therefore, it may fade over time or transfer onto light-colored surfaces. 

What’s Included

  • Multicolor balloon confetti is sold in individual, 1-ounce bags.
  • Each bag is intended to have an approximately equal blend of the different component colors. For custom color assortments, please speak to an Ultimate Confetti sales representative.

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