1/2" x 18'

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You’ll have yards of fun with 1/2" X 18' confetti streamers! Each slim streamer is 6 yards long, the perfect length to add drama to any celebration. Shoot 1/2" X 18' tissue confetti streamers high overhead your championship game, send them in an arc over your favorite bride and groom, or close a sales event with a bright high-five of color. All of our 1/2" X 18' confetti streamers are flame resistant, biodegradable, and easy to clean up. They’re also packed in sleeves, which makes them easy to load. And did we mention the array of colors? Choose from 1/2" X 18' tissue confetti streamers in several shades of blue, light green or forest green; sunset colors of orange pink, purple, and maroon; and of course, classic black.