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1" x 30' Multicolor Blacklight Streamers

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Talk about a “glow-up!” These streamers appear fluorescent under blacklight, making them absolutely perfect for raves, nightclub events, paint parties, and more. Blacklight streamers can also add extra flair to theatrical performances and even Halloween haunted houses! Regardless of the occasion, guests, audience members, and revelers alike will be totally electrified by brightly-colored, tissue paper ribbons!

Our blacklight reactive streamers are bio-degradable, flame-resistant, and easy to clean up, making them a safe, eco-friendly choice. What more could you want from your party decorations?

How to Use

Glow streamers are designed with aerodynamics in mind. They can quickly and easily be loaded into hand-held streamer cannons and, once deployed, will fall slowly and “dance” through the air, helping to create a major impression on viewers and a spectacular visual display. In venues with blanket bans on automatic confetti dispensers, the streamers can simply be unrolled and tossed by hand.

What’s Included

  • When fully unrolled, blacklight party streamers measure 1” wide x 30’ long.
  • Each order includes a single “sleeve” containing 20 streamers rolled into cubes; sleeves weight approximately .25 lb.
  • Sleeves have an approximately equal distribution of all five component colors. Contact an Ultimate Confetti sales representative to order custom color blends.

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