11" Single-Use Color Powder Cannon

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Have a blast—literally—with our color powder cannons!

Our 11" single-use, air-powered cannons are perfect for gender reveal parties, color runs, and any other event where a sudden burst of vibrantly colored powder will make a big impression. These products can help create vivid memories and great photo ops for your event!

Cannons are available in blue, pink, purple, and green. The color powder is made from food-grade, high-quality dyed cornstarch, so it’s safe for everyone: children, pets, adults, AND the environment.

These cannons are simple to use; each tube contains detailed instructions for safe, easy deployment. However, we strongly recommend supervising little ones if they want to get in on the fun—and trust us, they will! We also recommend these cannons for outside use only, as the powder will stick to surfaces and clothing. But no worries: it washes off with relative ease. Cannons are self-contained and do not require any kind of additional power source. So whether your event is held in someone’s backyard or an off-the-beaten-path running trail, folks will be able to whip them out and let ‘em rip! 

Color powder cannons are each sold separately and come pre-loaded. Each cannon is designed to dispense one blast of “ammunition.” Cannons come in four single-color options; speak to an Ultimate Confetti sales representative to order custom colors or blends. Please note that these cannons are not intended to be reloaded and reused; for reusable hand cannons (and compatible compression caps), please browse our product catalog.

Always follow all safety instructions related to cannon operation. Do not aim cannons directly at people or animals!

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