2" x 60'

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Want to make a splash with less mess? Our 2 x 60 tissue confetti streamers could be just the ticket. The extra long length of these streamers means maximum impact with less streamers to clean up. Not only that, but all of our tissue confetti streamers (which come in sleeves of 20) are biodegradable and flame resistant, too. But onto the fun stuff: how to use 2 x 60 tissue confetti streamers. The multicolored variety are perfect for any celebration: dances, parades, sporting events—anytime you want to add a pop of color and excitement to your event. And our white 2 x 60 tissue confetti streamers are designed especially for weddings. Use them to greet the new bride and groom as they exit the church, or send them arcing over their heads in the middle of their first dance—the possibilities are endless!