2" x 60'

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Go looooong with our 2 x 60 metallic confetti streamers! Just imagine these shiny streamers skyrocketing above the heads of an enraptured audience. A bit like shooting stars (but much more accessible), our 2 x 60 metallic confetti streamers add overhead sparkle and excitement to any event. Imagine launching them to celebrate the end of a playoff game, the presentation of a special award, or the last dance at a senior prom. Our easy-to-load 2 x 60 metallic confetti streamers come in sleeves of 20, and gleaming gold and silver options. These extra-long streamers are flame resistant and easy to clean up, but most of all, they’re beautiful—streams of silver and gold arcing into the sky and then falling slowly, draping everything in a glittery celebration. They’re sixty feet of fun!