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As the name implies, confetti cannon accessories are the extra little bits and add-ons that go with our dispensing tools. Some are required for proper cannon usage, while others are designed to make great tools even better. Regardless, though, all of OUR confetti accessories are optimized to work with OUR cannons and launchers. It’s how we can guarantee an excellent performance every time!

16g CO2 cartridges are the fuel source for reusable hand-cannons; they’re the explosive charge that launches the confetti into the air with an audible POP! Thick paper compression caps, meanwhile, can be added to the cannon to make the confetti go even farther than it could with CO2 alone. They literally give you more bang for your buck! And lastly, black compression seal tape creates a tight bond between a compression cap and the barrel of the cannon. Some party hosts “fall to pieces” when the party reaches its apex, but with this tape, you can be sure that your party supplies won’t!

Now, if you’re more interested in cryo effects than confetti spectacles, we still have something that will tickle your fancy: the cryo gun backpack! This simple-to-wear rig makes it considerably easier for a performer to carry a 20 lb. CO2 tank while operating a cryo gun. And that unfettered mobility can translate to fancier tricks and more impressive displays that your audience won’t soon forget.

Here’s the bottom line: if you wouldn’t bring an undecorated cake or an unwrapped present to a birthday party, then don’t try to use confetti blasters and cryo guns without the proper accessories!