Baby Shower

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Far from being stiff, formal occasions, baby showers are a chance to have fun with baby shower confetti and streamers. No baby shower party is complete without snacks, games, gifts, or decorations. And at Ultimate Confetti, we’ve got that last one covered!

Our catalog includes baby shower confetti and baby shower streamers in all shades of pink and blue, so whether your party palette calls for soft pastel tints, bold neon hues, or even metallic tones, you’ll be able to find the perfect decor for indoor and outdoor events alike. Want to buck tradition entirely? Go for yellow, green, purple, or even a rainbow blend. There really are no rules when it comes to this kind of thing! We also carry flick sticks in a range of colors and sizes; with just a twist of their wrist, guests and family members can send a shower of confetti into the air, drumming up excitement and creating a beautiful, memorable display all over the table and floor..

Planning a baby shower can be stressful. So let us worry about making sure the party supplies are up to snuff. You can count on Ultimate Confetti to provide gorgeous, high-quality baby shower confetti that’ll look great on tables, in the air, and in any photos taken of the Mommy-to-Be’s special day!