6 Special Ways To Celebrate Your Graduate in 2021

6 Special Ways To Celebrate Your Graduate in 2021

Apr 30th 2021

No more pencils. No more books. Your grad is growing up and getting their degree. Let the graduation celebrations begin!

Graduation celebrations are massive accomplishments, and they should be celebrated as such. We say, leave no milestone unturned. There are plenty of ways to ensure your graduate doesn’t get passed over, even if you can’t be together with family due to distance.

Given everyone’s busy schedule, it’s probably best to plan for both an in-person and virtual grad bash. So we’re including some of each in our list. Not sure how to make graduation special this year? These 2021 graduation ideas will have you tossing your cap in excitement.

Virtual graduation celebration ideas

Years of hard work proceed any graduation ceremony. And even though it was a wild year, that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating!

Coordinate A Video Tribute

Figuring out how to celebrate graduation when you can’t be together is tough on everyone, but some ideas are too timeless not to try. A video tribute is one of them.

Can’t get everyone aligned for the big celebration? Skip the scheduling and make a compilation of clips from the most important people in your graduate’s life. You might give them a prompt like, name one piece of advice you wished you’d had when you graduated, or you might ask them to share their favorite memory of the grad. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, something they can look back on again and again.

If you want to take it up a notch, try purchasing a video recording from a celebrity using sites like Cameo.

Attend an Online Graduation Ceremony

Inspiring speeches and large groups of people you don’t know are usually rites of passage when you’re preparing to collect your diploma. If you want to recreate a more traditional graduation experience without going anywhere, cue up a virtual graduation ceremony.

Last year, Facebook coordinated one of the most creative ways to celebrate graduation that we’ve seen so far. Using their reach to lock down A-listers from Oprah to Lil Nas X, they had all the pomp and circumstance (and celebs) of the typical graduation event. All from your living room.

You can also watch this John Krasinski graduation episode of Some Good News for all the feels.

Just be sure your digital and analog celebrations dovetail. Our 6inch tissue flick sticks are a seamless way to bring elements of an on-screen celebration into your living room. They can even come wrapped in the graduate’s alma mater.

At-Home Graduation Celebration Ideas

Home is the most comfortable place to celebrate graduation. Though you can still make it feel extra special by adding a little flair.

Deck it out with Graduation Decor

Start by deciding which areas of your home you’ll utilize. You may pick several and decorate them to represent different phases of your grad’s life.

The garage might be filled with games and memorabilia from when they started their first T-ball team. The driveway might harken back to when they first learned to ride a bike. The bathroom could represent the potty training years if you really want to get cheeky.

You could also go more simple and do lawn games in the front yard, encouraging neighbors to stop by and share in the festivities.

Have a Graduation Gift Hunt

This is a great way to have your new grad show off their smarts! Ask everyone to send in their graduation gift a few days early along with a clue or piece of trivia. Once your graduate guesses correctly, they get a gift!

You can also hide the presents around the party site and provide hints to help them find each one. Just make sure you keep a list so none get lost or overlooked.

Make it a Surprise

Can’t think of any good graduation celebration ideas? There’s always a good old fashioned surprise party. Try psyching them out saying you’re just going to video conference with family or pretend like you're too overwhelmed to do anything at all. Then, when they’re expectations are low, you can really blow them out of the water with a fun backyard event or a graduation house party with all their closest friends and family!

Graduation Road Trip

Ok, so this one’s neither at-home nor virtual, but it’s still a great option. Instead of a typical party, why not hit the open road, diploma in hand?

Taking a road trip is an amazing opportunity to bond with your graduate before they start their next chapter. Since you’ve got nothing but time in the car, it’s all about the heart-to-hearts. This unique graduation idea may be smaller and more intimate than most, but the experience will last a lifetime.

In addition to graduation signs, airhorns, and other portable party accessories, consider investing in inexpensive confetti flick sticks to make your grad feel even more special. You can take them with you, streaming confetti in the air each time you cross a new state line or save them for the ultimate photo opp in front of your destination. The best part? They’re completely biodegradable, so you never have to worry about post-party cleanup.

Graduation in a Box

All graduation celebration ideas are valid. But whichever you choose, make sure things look the part.

The Ultimate Confetti Graduation Box is all about celebrating your grad’s academic achievements. Each box comes with ample confetti which you can color coordinate to match their school’s colors.

Complete with a personalized, congratulatory message and our grad party best sellers, flick sticks, they’re a high-energy way to get the party going. They’re also perfect when you can’t be there in person, but really want to mark the occasion.

Coming up with fresh and unique graduation ideas is no easy task. However you decide to celebrate, make sure to sprinkle your graduation celebration idea with some confetti. After all they’ve accomplished, they deserve it!