8 Decoration Ideas to Spruce up your Memorial Day Celebration

8 Decoration Ideas to Spruce up your Memorial Day Celebration

May 19th 2021

Memorial day is about more than burgers and beers. Your holiday barbeque can do better than that. Memorial day decorations set the tone for a much-needed celebration after the year we’ve all had. It’s also a time to gather and remember those who fought for our freedom.

If you want to plan an ultra cool cookout, DIY memorial day decorations can help you outfit your outdoors while saving money for the important stuff: the food.

Whether you’re looking for a fun arts and crafts project to do with the kiddos or want to spend as little time as possible creating the festivities, these memorial day decorating ideas have something for everyone. Here are eight that red, white, and blew us away!

1. Paint your flower pots

Transform plain old terracotta flower pots with a few swipes of paint. All you need is some paint tape and a star stencil to make your pots more patriotic.

For striped flower pots, simply mark evenly spaced lines around the base. Use alternating red, white, or blue paint to fill in the slots. Around the rim of the pot, you can stencil in stars and fill them using the patriotic shade of your choice.

Fill with white or colored flowers in similar shades to really take them over the top. Best part? You can leave these crafty planters out through July 4th!

2. Fill balloons with confetti

Red, white, and blue colored balloons are a natural addition to any memorial day shindig. But if you really want to shake things up, sneak some confetti inside them before your guests arrive. They’ll be a surprise burst of joy once you start popping them.

You can alternate red confetti, white confetti, and blue confetti to match the balloon or fill them at random. Maybe you prefer to mix all three. Either way they’re quick to create and will make memories that outlast any bbq. Best of all: since tissue paper confetti is biodegradable, you don’t even have to fret about too much cleanup. Grab any extra balloon pieces you find, but know that any small paper shreds won’t be harmful to your plants or pets.

3. Make mason jar lanterns

With a patriotic mason jar lantern, your gathering can keep going long after the sun sets. This is memorial day decorations DIY at its best. Simply fill clean, empty mason jars with the colored led lights of your choice. Done!

Some people prefer to paint the outside of the jar using nailpolish or other acrylic paints, and then fill it with a string of lights or a tea light candle. Really, there’s no wrong way to light up the night!

4. Create an apple garland

Second in line for easiest DIY memorial day decorations is this apple garland idea. Get a bag of fresh red apples or styrofoam apples from your craft store. Gather a needle and some wax dental floss or fishing line and string them together. That’s it.

Use the garland to decorate your food table or tack it up around your door for an unexpected pop of color.

5. Use red, white, and blue flick sticks

Nothing says celebration like confetti. These red, white, and blue flick sticks are an inexpensive way to get everyone out of their chairs and ready to celebrate. Planning on taking some family pictures while you have everyone together? You’ll love how slowly the confetti falls, creating an ideal moment for you to capture the love on film.

6. DIY popsicle stick flags

Once you’ve plowed through a box of popsicles you can use the sticks to create your own decor. (Not into sweets? Just buy some from your local craft store.)

Glue together the long side of 13 popsicle sticks to start. From there, you can square off your stars section and use nailplish or markers to create the alternating red and white stripes. It’s a memorial day decoration idea any kid will eat up.

7. Repurposed blue jeans squares

Have an old pair of blue jeans laying around? Snag the pockets and use fabric paint to give them the patriotic treatment. You can spell out “USA”, transform them into a flag, or simply set them out as drink coasters to add a little color to your memorial day display.

8. Display bandana napkins

If you’re not sure how to decorate for memorial day, just look to your bandana collection. These Americana sweethearts make the perfect napkin sets for your backyard barbecue.

Any one of these memorial decoration ideas will help you showcase your patriotism without overspending. Have more questions about what decorations are appropriate for memorial day? We’re pretty much holiday experts, so don’t hesitate to reach out!