• Celebrate With Confetti Boxes

    Dec 30th 2020

    Celebrate With Confetti Boxes

    Between shelter-in-place orders, non-essential business closures, and social distancing protocols, celebrating holidays and special occasions during 2020 was definitely…different. And it would seem th…

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  • Celebrating during COVID-19

    Apr 21st 2020

    Celebrating during COVID-19

    Right now, all across the country, folks are being advised to take precautions to avoid spreading COVID-19, AKA Corona Virus. Said precautions range in severity from simple social distancing and stay-…

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  • Choosing Confetti

    Apr 20th 2020

    Choosing Confetti

    If you were to ask 10 random people what they visualize when they hear someone say “confetti,” there’s a very good chance that you’d get 10 very different answers. One person could say that they ex…

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  • The History of Confetti

    Mar 27th 2020

    The History of Confetti

    “Why do we use paper confetti during celebrations?” “Why is confetti often made out of paper?” “Who invented confetti, anyway?” When you’ve been in the confetti ‘biz for as long as we have, t…

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  • How To Make Confetti Balloons

    Mar 26th 2020

    How To Make Confetti Balloons

    When you’re throwing a party or hosting a celebration, confetti balloons are a neat, quirky way to decorate. They can also be a fun way to reveal a secret or a surprise. Here’s our guide to creating c…

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