Biodegradable Confetti: An Eco-Friendly Confetti Alternative

Biodegradable Confetti: An Eco-Friendly Confetti Alternative

Aug 25th 2021

Sometimes, we’re so busy celebrating we forget to consider mother nature as we do so. Switching to an environmentally friendly confetti is a simple way to go green without curtailing your celebration.

In reality, biodegradable confetti doesn’t differ that much from traditional confetti. They’re both little bits of joy that bring an air of merrymaking to life’s most special moments. The difference is in how they’re made. With biodegradable paper confetti, the smaller specs are created from organic compounds that break down naturally without impacting the natural environment. They go from party favors to dirt in a short time when exposed to elements like air, water, and bacteria.

Eco confetti is made from a variety of different, organic materials, including rice paper, non-toxic paper, hardened cornstarch, flower petals, leaves, and even seed paper. Think how cool it would be to see a collection of wildflowers spring up a short time after your celebration. What a way to continuously commemorate a one-time party or wedding!

While not all confetti is inherently biodegradable, here’s how to choose one that can help you celebrate worry-free and spare the environment from any unintended ecological harm.

Why Choose Biodegradable Confetti?

The world has enough to worry about without adding confetti to the list. Making the switch to an eco-friendly confetti leaves the natural world intact—and you probably won’t even know the difference.

For starters, it won’t damage plants or other flora—and no, we aren’t just talking about the ones in the direct vicinity of your party locale. Confetti, being tiny and light, can travel for miles on the heels of a strong wind gust or even the bottom of your shoe. It can change the pH in certain soils and take decades to decompose.

Some confetti may also be toxic to animals, depending on how it’s made. Birds, for example, may see the shimmering specs from on high and gorge themselves, mistaking them for food. In doing so, they could permanently damage their digestive systems or ingest harmful toxins.

Ecology aside, non-biodegradable confetti may also cost you more, at least in the long-term. That’s because many venues charge a fee for clean-up, making eco-friendly confetti for weddings and events a must! You can imagine how difficult it would be to clean up a big party’s confetti aftermath, muchless all the tiny bits from multiple events!

Where to use eco-friendly confetti

Most celebrations and events are ideal for eco fetti. Some venues even specify in your contract that partygoers must exclusively use biodegradable confetti while on the premises.

Biodegradable confetti is especially popular during summer months and water celebrations since it’s water-soluble. However, you should still be careful to use only a moderate amount of eco-friendly paper confetti around a pool. Too many of the little paper bits can clog pool filters and or discolor the water depending on how they’re dyed.

Weddings are another natural fit for biodegradable confetti, specifically the wedding toss. It’s tradition to give the happy couple a proper send away by gently throwing items like rice. Eco-friendly wedding tosses are a fun-filled way to inject some color into the moment without leaving behind any long-term damage.

Throwing a surprise birthday party or gender reveal? Make sure you’re throwing biodegradable confetti. It not only makes for much easier cleanup, it also makes for killer photos!

Eco-friendly confetti alternatives

Want to DIY your own biodegradable confetti? Craft it from household objects like:

  • Rose petals
  • Hole punched leaves
  • Rice paper
  • Seed paper
  • Newspaper comics
  • Coconut flakes
  • Dried herbs

Confetti FAQ

This concentrated question/answer section covers some of the confetti queries we hear most often:

Do you have to clean up biodegradable confetti? 

If the confetti is truly biodegradable and you’re on your own property, no. You do not have to clean it up. However, you should talk to the event venue where you’re renting or the party host before you assume.

How long does biodegradable confetti last for? 

How long biodegradable confetti lasts hinges on what it’s made from. For instance, most eco-paper confetti and flower petals don’t last for more than a few weeks depending on weather conditions, whereas waxy leaf cutouts may stand up to the elements a little longer.

Is confetti bad for the environment? 

Some types of non-biodegradable confetti are considered non-environmentally friendly. They can be especially harmful if they enter the water supply. These tiny bits of plastic can work their way up the food chain, impacting wildlife for the worst.

There’s always a reason to celebrate. With as fast as life moves, we should be taking every opportunity possible to connect with those we love and commemorate each and every one of its special moments. Just make sure mother nature gets her RSVP and mark the occasion with biodegradable confetti!