Celebrate With Confetti Boxes

Celebrate With Confetti Boxes

Dec 30th 2020

Between shelter-in-place orders, non-essential business closures, and social distancing protocols, celebrating holidays and special occasions during 2020 was definitely…different. And it would seem that we’re not quite out of the woods yet. With that said, though, “different” doesn’t HAVE to mean “underwhelming” or “dissatisfying.” At Ultimate Confetti, we’re huge proponents of making a difference with the power of party décor. In the right context, a seemingly unassuming box of confetti can be a veritable party in a petite package! Today, we’d like to showcase our signature Confetti Boxes. Read on to learn how these confetti box gifts can help make a fun day even more fun!

Ring In The New Year With Your Own Confetti

While most of us are feeling a distinct sense of melancholy over not being able to attend holiday parties this year, for a lot of folks, this “sting” is sharpest when it comes to New Year’s. After all, while people typically spend Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, etc. with their family, New Year’s Eve is more commonly associated with large, lively gatherings of family, friends, neighbors, and even co-workers. If this will be the first year in recent memory that you’ll either not be hosting a party or not attending one, celebrating the holiday at all may feel like a waste of time.

Well, here’s the good news: it is ENTIRELY possible to enjoy New Year’s Eve at home with the people in your small social circle…and it’s also possible to reach out and include folks in your celebration from a safe distance! Our New Year’s confetti box isn’t your average New Year’s gift basket. Instead of including champagne or fancy cheese, this gift for New Year’s Eve is stuffed with a whopping quarter pound of shiny, metallic gold and silver confetti. It also includes six of our 6” confetti flick sticks (three gold and three silver), and a festive image of fireworks to greet whoever opens the box. Flick sticks do not contain any explosive charges or make any loud noises, which means that they’re safe to use indoors. However, they’re still capable of creating a huge show of scattered confetti—one that will look beautiful, both in-person AND over Facetime or Zoom!

New Year Confetti Box

Cap, Gown, and Confetti

Going to school is tough, and for many people, going to school online is even tougher. So if someone you know is on the cusp of completing high school, earning a college degree, or even transitioning from Kindergarten to 1st Grade, it’s definitely worth celebrating! Our graduation gift boxes feature the same high-quality, quarter pound of confetti and six flick sticks as our New Year’s Eve box, with a neat twist: the two colors of bulk confetti are customizable to your preferences. So coordinate with your recipients’ current school hues, favorite colors, or—in the case of high school grads moving onto college—the signature shades of their soon-to-be alma mater. Graduation confetti comes in a wide range of colors, helping to ensure an excellent match.

Graduations are usually an important milestone in the life of a student, so it’s understandable for a young scholar to be disappointed by the news that a family member or close friend won’t be able to attend the actual ceremony for whatever reason. But a confetti graduation party box can help bridge the gap between a graduate and their loved ones. You don’t have to hum “Pomp and Circumstance” as you’re congratulating your younger sister, nephew, or godchild and watching them—via Facebook live—scatter the gold confetti in their flick sticks to the wind. But doing so definitely makes for a cute graduation gift!

Graduation Confetti Box

A Birthday Full of Confetti

Let’s be honest: birthday parties are probably the #1 event that folks think of when they contemplate confetti. Whether it’s sprinkled over tables and chairs to create a festive visual display, placed inside balloons to serve as creative décor, or tossed into the air after the guest of honor makes a wish and blows out the candles on their cake, confetti and birthdays just go hand-in-hand! While most January and February “babies” got to celebrate their birthdays as usual in 2020, people born in March or later typically saw any b-day party plans they’d made get severely modified—or cancelled completely. And with so much uncertainty surrounding when it will FINALLY be safe to return to our “normal” ways, it’s entirely possible that folks will continue to miss out on birthday celebrations well into 2021.

But just because you can’t be there in-person to sing, eat cake, or even play silly games doesn’t mean that you have to let a friend or loved one’s birthday go by with nothing more than a “Thinking of you!” text! Our birthday gift box makes for an ideal present. This birthday box contains a full quarter pound of multicolored tissue paper confetti and six 6” flick sticks that are ALSO loaded with multicolored confetti. It’s bright, it’s cheerful, AND it’s biodegradable and eco-friendly! The bottom line: we dare ANY Birthday Boy or Birthday Girl to open up this Happy Birthday Gift—or, at the very least, shake a confetti flick stick—and NOT immediately smile in delight!

Birthday Confetti Box


When times are tough, a positive attitude can make a huge difference—both in your own life, and in the lives of the people around you. And when the whole world seems to have gone by the wayside…something pretty, fun, and festive may be perfect for lifting spirits! Confetti gifts may not be able to totally replace the joy of attending (or hosting) a New Year’s, graduation, or birthday party. But when it’s sent to a friend or a loved one, confetti in a box can definitely express how much you care, even when you and the recipient are far apart. We’re all in this together—and no matter what the future may hold, you can count on Ultimate Confetti to provide you with fancy flick sticks and gorgeous box confetti!