Celebrating during COVID-19

Celebrating during COVID-19

Apr 21st 2020

Right now, all across the country, folks are being advised to take precautions to avoid spreading COVID-19, AKA Corona Virus. Said precautions range in severity from simple social distancing and stay-at-home orders to full-blown “wear masks or facial coverings whenever you’re out in public” requirements. While we understand that complying with these instructions can be frustrating and might even seem excessive, at Ultimate Confetti, we implore all of our clients and customers to follow these rules! Doing so really is a matter of public health and safety!

In today’s post, you will not find recommendations for “subverting” quarantine restrictions in order to have a party. However, with most of the world feeling pretty glum right now, we thought it would be a good time to offer tips for having fun and celebrating while still being safe. Yes, it’s a compromise. But it’s truly the best strategy for promoting a better future!

What to Do At Home

If you’re weathering the storm with your roommates or family members, a party atmosphere can actually serve as a refreshing change of pace in times of turmoil. So still decorate, get dressed up, eat cake, and play games! You can get your pets involved, because who doesn’t love a photo of a cat, dog, or guinea pig wearing a tiny hat?! While you should still practice excellent hygiene and take all appropriate precautions, a “super exclusive” party might help chase those quarantine blues away. It can also be reassuring for very small children who may be afraid or upset with what’s happening in the world; it’s one way of showing that we can still be happy and have fun, even if things are a little different right now.

Now, fortunately, many party supply companies are still open for business right now; storefronts may be closed, but you can order confetti and other décor online without physically interacting with another person. Some retailers are offering discounted shipping or special deals right now to encourage folks to keep their chins up, so why not take advantage of this opportunity?

How to Involve Others

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to include people in special events when they can’t be there in-person. Most smart phones now support some kind of video-calling application, like Facetime or Google Duo, and if your computer has a built-in camera, there are online options (like WhatsApp and Zoom), as well. Learning new apps can be confusing (and maybe frustrating, too), but as the old saying goes, if not now, then when? And remember that you don’t have to totally “master” these programs in order to interact with others; some of the funniest and most light-hearted viral stories about interactions in the time of Corona involve folks stumbling with communication methods but still making them work somehow!

Confetti can also be a powerful tool in the war against boredom and isolation. For example, if you were planning to have a gender reveal party but have had to cancel due to extenuating circumstances, you can still hold a surprise reveal. Options include mailing out individual flick sticks that your would-be guests can deploy in the safety of their own backyard, or even sending people small packets containing pink or blue confetti in an opaque envelope that they can tear open and dump out onto their kitchen table or desk! And if you just can’t stand the idea of not seeing people’s reactions to learning that you’ll be having a boy, a girl, or one of each, then get everyone on a conference call and livestream yourself deploying a confetti canon or popping a confetti balloon!

(Note: if you’re planning to go with either of the aforementioned mail-out options, it’s probably a good idea to WARN people about the presence confetti in the package or flick-stick. As much as people get a kick out of confetti and surprise reveals, they tend to dislike being startled by a mess!)

Of course, gender reveals don’t have a monopoly on confetti. If your co-workers have a sense of humor, flinging a handful of confetti in the air to conclude your Zoom meeting can be a silly way to liven up an otherwise mundane day. And, if you know that you’ll be part of a group singing “Happy Birthday” to someone via FaceTime, why not plan to throw some confetti at the song’s conclusion? It’ll drive forward the point that, though you can’t physically be there, you still care about them very much and want to celebrate.


Here’s the good news: quarantines and other safety measures don’t mean that we have to shut ourselves off completely. Now, more than ever, it’s critically important to stay in touch with the people we love and try to find joy in our daily lives. At Ultimate Confetti, we know that confetti is something pretty, whimsical, and fun that nearly always livens up events. So, as folks continue to deal with Corona restrictions in their daily lives…we’ll still be here to provide our customers with colorful, high-quality confetti to make things just a little more bearable