Choosing Confetti

Choosing Confetti

Apr 20th 2020

If you were to ask 10 random people what they visualize when they hear someone say “confetti,” there’s a very good chance that you’d get 10 very different answers. One person could say that they expect for confetti to come in a rainbow assortment of colors, another person may prefer for the individual pieces to be rectangular (as opposed to round), and a third person might even wonder  if small streamers count as confetti. The bottom line is that the word “confetti” means very different things to different people.

As confetti experts, we’re firm believers that there are few celebrations that wouldn’t benefit from the presence of some kind of confetti. However, even we have to admit that certain types of confetti are better-suited for specific party themes and settings. And if that’s true, then it begs the question of how you can pick the right type of confetti for your celebration.

Well, our advice is to start by asking yourself three very important questions:

“What kind of event is this?”

Question #1 can be answered with either the type of celebration you’re decorating for (a wedding, a birthday, etc.) or a general aesthetic (glow party, black-and-white winter ball, etc.). And keeping this information in mind can help you pick out a type of confetti, as well. For example, if you know that the party area will be illuminated by blacklight, then you can’t go wrong with blacklight confetti. If it’s a wedding, you’ll want to select something a little classier, so metallic confetti or even dried flower petals may be a better option. And when winter holidays roll around, you can bet that snowflakes and stars will make a bigger impression than circles or rectangles - and don't forget about wands for extra flair.

“What colors do I want?”

While the emotions and ideas associated with specific colors can vary across different cultures, in the United States, there are certain colors (and color combinations) that we typically link to individual holidays. Red and green are usually used for Christmas,  black and orange are for Halloween, blue and silver say “Hanukkah”—the list goes on and on. Thus, if you’re celebrating a specific holiday, then choosing colors for your confetti is often a matter of tradition. Even if there’s no law on the books that says you CAN’T decorate your Thanksgiving table with red, white, and blue confetti, your guests might be a little confused by such a patriotic display in late November!

Selecting colors for non-holiday celebrations can be a bit trickier, but it’s still not rocket science. If you want to decorate for your Super Bowl party, choose the colors for both teams (or just your favorite team to show your exclusive support). If you’re celebrating a birthday, either coordinate with the other party décor (like balloons, cake, and streamers), or select the guest of honor’s favorite hues. And if you’re honoring a recent graduate’s accomplishments, then their school colors are usually a safe bet.

Do keep in mind that, if you’re truly stumped when it comes to color coordination, you can always pick something neutral, like white, silver, or gold. And if you can’t decide on just one, two, or three colors, then a  rainbow assortment may be exactly what you need!

“Where is the party being held?”

Confetti cannons and surprise reveal balloons create totally spectacular displays when deployed or popped, but if your party is going to take place in a tiny, enclosed area (like a single room in a house), then they may be a little “much”—the confetti will probably get all over EVERY surface in the room! When working on a smaller scale, mini flick sticks and piles of confetti on the tables are probably a better choice. Similarly, if your baby shower is going to be held outside, then you might not want to completely cover your buffet table with confetti, lest a single gust of wind send hundreds of tiny dots right into the fruit platter. In this case, take a “less is more” approach; either stick with decorative confetti balloons, or just pick a time (preferably near the end of the party) when you can truly cut loose with a blast of baby pink or baby blue!


Let’s be clear: confetti is very rarely—if ever—a matter of life and death. Sure, we in the confetti ‘biz take it seriously,  but only because we’re passionate about providing our customers with beautiful, high-quality products that will help them pull off an awesome, memorable event. When it comes to actually choosing confetti for your event, though, try not to worry too much. At the end of the day, confetti is supposed to be fun and festive. As long as you’ve got some confetti in your pocket (or on your tables, or inside your balloons, or even on your clothes or in your hair), then you really can’t go wrong!