Custom Label Flick Stick Guide For Events

Custom Label Flick Stick Guide For Events

Dec 11th 2020

Want to go a step beyond tossing confetti and streamers by hand but not sure you want to go all the way to a full-blown confetti cannon? Looking for a unique method of involving onlookers in your next celebration? Searching for a truly unexpected party favor that will excite your guests? Then you’re in luck, because we’ve got exactly what you need: Ultimate Confetti’s custom label flick sticks!

Custom Label Flick Sticks

As their name implies, custom label flick sticks (or “flicker sticks,” as they’re sometimes called) are an elevated version of our regular, tried-and-true flick sticks. Not only do you pick the size of the stick, the type of confetti dispensed, and the color of the flick stick confetti, but we’re able to add your choice of text or images on a label to be wrapped around the barrel, too. Thus, flick sticks for weddings can be decorated with the names of the happy couple and the date of the ceremony, flick sticks for homecoming games or other sports events can be emblazoned with the name or mascot of your team, flick sticks for corporate giveaways can be adorned with your company logo--you get the idea! At Ultimate Confetti, we’re all about making the perfect party decor for one-of-a-kind celebrations. That’s why we truly love offering custom label flick sticks in our product catalog.

Custom flick stick batch

Picture Perfect

A question that we sometimes receive from our clients is, “What kinds of events are flick sticks ‘for?’” And our answer is always that confetti tubes are good for any occasion in which you would normally throw confetti! Granted, they’re not incredibly practical if you just want to use paper shreds to make your tables and displays look a little more festive; bulk confetti is better suited to that particular task. But if you’re planning to shower someone in confetti as they receive an award or special birthday gift, toss confetti at a happy couple as they walk down the wedding processional, or let loose with a wave of confetti to reveal whether you’re expecting a baby boy or a baby girl, then flick sticks can be the perfect tool for pulling these stunts off--and creating a dazzling moment that your guests won’t soon forget.

Custom label flick sticks are especially well-suited for weddings, birthday bashes, anniversaries, and grand openings. By adding a name, a date, and/or a short phrase, the flick stick becomes a fun party favor or piece of branded “swag” for attendees. And even after the celebration is over and the last piece of confetti has been tossed, the tube will remain as a neat keepsake. Custom flick sticks are also a cool freebie for online conferences and corporate events; even if attendees aren’t physically there at the venue, a synchronized confetti flick via webcam can help folks feel a better sense of unity!

Custom flick stick batch

Ready, Set, Flick!

Regardless of your occasion, though, one of the best things about hand sticks is the fact that they’re quite easy to use. They’re incredibly safe when compared to, say, sparklers, which can start fires or cause injuries if you’re not careful (or if you’ve had too many glasses of punch or champagne!). To use a flick stick, all you need to do is hold it upright in one hand, puncture the foil seal at the end of the stick with your other hand, raise the stick into the air, and give it a good shake in the direction that you want for the confetti to fly. For best results, we recommend using a hard “snapping” or broad waving motion. Rice paper confetti tubes may benefit from a few extra, preliminary shakes before removing the foil, just to help ensure a minimum amount of stickage between individual confetti pieces, but this step is totally optional.

That’s really all there is to it. Flick sticks don’t require any external power sources, and because there’s no explosive “charge” (like the CO2 caps used in confetti hand-cannons), they’re appropriate for revelers of all ages. These party favors let everyone get in on the fun--and, in our experience, when it comes to tossing confetti, most folks WILL want to get it on the fun!

We understand the power (and allure) of confetti flick sticks. Any kind of confetti-tossing activity can take a party from “good” to “memorable”, and even a normal confetti wand--that is, one with a plain, undecorated barrel--is capable of creating an awesome, instagramable moment. However, when you add a custom label to your flick stick, you make it truly “you.” No two get-togethers or celebrations are exactly the same, so why shouldn’t your next birthday party, wedding, or even corporate event have outstanding memorabilia to go with it?

Contact us today to order your custom label flick sticks. Our confetti experts are ready and eager to bring your artistic vision to life!