Cute Confetti Decoration Ideas to Liven Up Your Home, Classroom, or Party

Cute Confetti Decoration Ideas to Liven Up Your Home, Classroom, or Party

Apr 1st 2021

Looking for a decorating option that’s as inexpensive as it is festive? Meet the decor du jour:party confetti. You read that right.

Similar to the terrazzo trend that blends the bespeckled with the textured, confetti decor can infuse any space with an effervescent, celebratory feel. Whether you’re trying to make use of leftover confetti or hankering for a DIY art project, there’s no easier way to give your home or classroom a memorable makeover. Add a splash of color here and there or use the whole spectrum.

This pop of pattern makes everyday feel like a party and reminds you to celebrate life! Here are three places to get the party started.

Confetti Home Decor Ideas That Your Family Will Love

Move over beige. Decorating your home with confetti brings a burst of color where you need it most. With many of us spending more and more time at home as of late, it makes sense we’re pouring a lot of time and energy into sprucing up our spaces. Though that doesn’t mean you need to spend infinite amounts to do it.

With something as simple as a blank canvas, you can create a cost-effective confetti masterpiece. Have littles in the house? Involve them too! Kids love crafts. Most also love color. Confetti decorations are the best of both. They’re also ideal if you’re looking for an activity the entire family can participate in.

Start your DIY confetti art project with a stretched canvas. Grab some glue and your favorite loose glitter or table top confetti. Apply a light layer of glue to your canvas then sprinkle or strategically place confetti in whatever way calls to your creativity! Planter pots are other pieces primed for a fun makeover. Add some dazzle to the top or the base to give your houseplants a revamp.

Confetti Decoration Ideas To Make Your Classroom Pop

After a year of remote learning, getting back to the classroom totally calls for celebration. Time to help your learning environment look the part.

All you need for a vibrant, confetti themed classroom are some leftover supplies from your latest art project, crafty lessons, or other classroom activities. Your confetti classroom decor options are virtually limitless. Look around your future confetti classroom environment. With the right glue, virtually any space is a potential party.

As far as confetti classroom decor ideas go, we especially love the look of a decked out pencil holder. (Bonus points if it’s a colored pencil holder!). You might also choose to give your clock an upgrade by carefully removing the hands and adding a confetti background using the method above. That way, even if students are watching the clock, at least they’ll do it with a smile.

Some additional confetti decorations to consider for your classroom:

  • A confetti decorated door
  • Confetti dappled bulletin board
  • A welcome sign decorated with confetti
  • Confetti sprinkled binder clips
  • Name tags or cubby holes with confetti accents

Confetti Decoration Ideas For Your Next Party

No party is complete without a little (or a lot of) confetti. Streamers also set the stage for your fun-filled event and require a lot less clean up.

Some of the more creative confetti birthday party ideas we’ve seen include confetti wreaths, confetti candles, and even confetti photo booths! But procuring confetti for parties doesn’t have to mean you have to stop at decorating the space itself. Confetti nail art, confetti party favors, and yes, even confetti clothing can be a festive addition to any soiree.

Now’s a time to celebrate, whether you have an excuse for a confetti party or not. So go on, spruce up your space or commit to a confetti classroom theme. Need any help with the party plans? Contact us today and tell us where to send our RSVP.