Patriotic Confetti for a COVID Safe 4th of July

Patriotic Confetti for a COVID Safe 4th of July

Jun 26th 2020

In our last post on the topic of celebrating during COVID-19, we took the stance that parties—including decorations—can actually be a refreshing change of pace in periods of social distancing. After all, nothing quite shakes things up and gets people excited like a gala with streamers and confetti!

Well, as time goes on…we’re still holding fast to that idea. In fact, we’d venture to say that celebrations are more important than ever right now, as folks grow increasingly weary with having to change their “normal” behavior. So, whether it’ll just be you and your family hanging out at your house during that first Saturday in July, or you’re actually planning to have a small barbecue with friends and neighbors in attendance, don’t be afraid to go all-out! Here are the essentials for a COVID-safe 4th of July event:

4th of July Confetti

Alright, you had to have known that we were going to start with this! But confetti in patriotic colors IS indispensable when it comes to establishing a fun, festive atmosphere. Confetti can be sprinkled over tables, chairs, and other surfaces to serve as a static decoration, or it can be tossed into the air to create a picture-perfect moment. Interestingly enough, Independence Day confetti isn’t just limited to simple dots or rectangles. If you really want to wow your guests or make your family members smile, you can go for stars or even teeny, tiny American flags!

American Flag Confetti

4th of July Streamers

Streamers are great because they’re multifunctional: you can toss them along with your regular confetti, or you can unravel them and mount them on the walls or other surfaces to create “banners” or rays of color. In the case of an Independence Day celebration, red, white, and blue are standard, and metallic streamers have an iridescence that’s evocative of fireworks and sparklers. However, if you’re planning an outdoor celebration, matte streamers may be a better choice, as they’re biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Red Streamers

4th of July Glitter

Glitter is ideal for adding a little sparkle and shine to your displays, especially if you opt for matte confetti or streamers. It’s also nifty for adding a little sparkle and shine to your hair and clothes (though be careful not to get it in your eyes!). Now, coordinating your glitter with your patriotic decorations isn’t exactly necessary; you probably won’t be accused of a “party foul” if you pair your red, white, and blue confetti with rose gold or purple glitter. But if you actually want for everything to match, then the solution is simple: metallic glitter in red, blue, and silver!

Blue Metallic Glitter

4th of July Flick Sticks

Bummed that your city or municipality has cancelled their Independence Day fireworks show this year due to COVID-19? Then create your own show with hand-held confetti launchers! Flick sticks are available in patriotic colors, and they’re considerably more safe (especially for kids) than firecrackers, anyway. If you’d like to upgrade to something a little flashier, then CO2 confetti poppers will do the trick; they’ll let out a loud “bang” in addition to scattering their contents to the wind. And best of all? Both flick sticks and confetti poppers can actually be enjoyed while still practicing social distancing. In fact, if you have your guests stand six feet apart when discharging their ammunition, there’s a good chance that you’ll completely fill the air with confetti. Absolutely spectacular!

If want to decorate your home for the holiday but are worried that doing so would be a bit “pointless” because relatively few people are going to see your handiwork, then here’s our advice: do it, anyway.Because if not now, then when? At the end of the day, confetti exists mostly to look pretty and create a light-hearted atmosphere. So if seeing red, white, and blue confetti, streamers, or glitter will make YOU happy, then by all means, you should have patriotic décor!

Red, White, and Blue Tissue Flick Stick

These days, a lot of us are feeling pretty exasperated with COVID-19 safety measures, and that includes being disappointed by the prospect of not being able to host an enormous 4th of July extravaganza. But keep your chin up! You can still celebrate as usual with the members of your household. And you CAN still have friends over, too, provided that you exercise a little caution in the midst of the revelry. The important thing to remember is that there aren’t any blanket bans on fun. So enjoy yourself!

And remember: though we live in uncertain times… you can still count on Ultimate Confetti to provide you with beautiful, high-quality confetti for every occasion