St. Patricks Day Party & Decoration Ideas

St. Patricks Day Party & Decoration Ideas

Feb 25th 2021

Saint Patrick’s Day will soon be upon us! This holiday, which was originally established as a religious “feast day” honoring Saint Patrick of Ireland, has evolved into a rambunctious, light-hearted celebration of Irish culture and folklore. Saint Patrick’s Day games, Saint Patrick’s Day decorations, Saint Patrick’s Day food and’s easy to get a little overwhelmed when trying to make plans! But don’t despair; Ultimate Confetti can help you get started! Here are our suggestions for things to do at a Saint Patty’s day party:

St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas For Adults

By and large, St. Patrick’s Day is one of those holidays that adults tend to look forward to—and celebrate—more than children do. Give these ideas a try if your guests will consist primarily of “grownups:”

  • The number one refreshment associated with St. Paddy’s Day is green-tinted beer, which is usually just regular beer with some green food coloring mixed in. However, you don’t have to stop at beer! Shake things up by offering guests green-colored, festively garnished cocktails (recipes can easily be found online) and Jell-O shots. Be sure to also have some green “mocktails” (again, recipes can easily be found online) and sodas available, too, for guests who choose not to imbibe for whatever reason.
  • Certain party games are great for folks of all ages but can become much more entertaining (and irreverent) when it’s only adults—and when alcohol is involved. For example, if little ones are out of earshot, you can play “Never Have I Ever,” “Two Truths and a Lie,” or “Would You Rather” without having to censor yourself!
  • With all that said, it’s a common misconception that adult St. Patrick’s Day party activities have to involve booze or raunchiness. That’s simply not true; grownups can have a blast engaging in potato/cabbage bowling (that is, bowling using a cabbage or a potato as a ball and water bottles as pins), Pin the Hat on the Leprechaun (a variation on traditional Pin the Tail on the Donkey), or Sing-Alongs (singing badly is not required, but definitely encouraged!) while totally sober and “clean.”

St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas For Kids

Of course, just because adults like to let loose on Saint Patrick’s Day doesn’t mean that kids won’t want to play, too. And it’s actually quite easy to organize Saint Patrick’s day activities for kids:

  • Saint Patrick’s day arts and crafts can include neat projects like making construction paper collages (shamrocks, leprechauns, pots of gold, etc.), rock painting (Blarney Stone, anyone?), and sculpting clay charms. Particularly ambitious little ones might be interested in fashioning a “leprechaun trap” out of household items!
  • As far as Saint Patrick’s day children’s party food ideas go, once again, green-tinted mocktails and sodas are usually a good choice for beverages. Kids might also enjoy decorating sugar cookies or cupcakes in festive colors. Be sure to provide a variety of “treasure” garnish options, like sugar pearls, edible glitter, and Lucky Charms cereal pieces.
  • Worried that the kids at your party might get bored and need a challenge? Set up a treasure hunt with a pot of “gold” (really chocolate coins and other treats) at the end. Very young children can simply be instructed to follow a trail of green confetti or streamers, and older kids can be made to answer riddles or figure out a series of “clues” in order to forge their path. If you opt for the later, you can even put the clues inside envelopes with a little bit of gold glitter; this will add to the fun and drum up excitement! Depending on how much time you want for the activity to eat up, the route to the treasure can be as short and straightforward or as long and winding as you’d like.

Saint Patrick’s Day Party Decoration Ideas

So, you’ve got a handle on games, activities, and refreshments for your party. But what about Saint Patrick’s Day decorations? After all, a party’s not truly a party without eye-catching decor! Fortunately, we have suggestions on this subject, as well:

  • Obviously, the traditional color for Saint Patrick’s Day is green, so that should probably be the dominant hue for any trimmings you put up. However, don’t feel like you have to stick with ONLY green—and using five different shades of it can be a bit much, anyway. Instead, pick one or two varieties of green and mix it with neutrals like goldwhite, and/or silver.
  • Bulk confetti and metallic glitter can add a little glitz and glam when sprinkled over tables and chairs or added to goodie bags. Streamers are also nice; in addition to embellishing furniture, you can mount them on the walls. Want to really wow your guests? Obtain a multicolored assortment of streamers and combine them to make a super-long rainbow!
  • Confetti hand-cannons are capable of blasting confetti an impressive distance away and filling the air with color. They make for a spectacular visual display (and photo op), but they can be a little “much” for indoor celebrations—and, for safety reasons, they really should only be handled by (sober) adults! Flick sticks are a great alternative; while they’re not quite as impressive or dramatic, they’re safe for revelers of all ages, and they can still create a fun, festive experience that your guests won’t soon forget.


At Ultimate Confetti, we love celebrating holidays, and Saint Paddy’s Day is no different. That’s why we want to be your source for Saint Patrick’s Day party decorations! Confetti, streamers, glitter, and more—we’ve got all the right stuff to take your party from ordinary to extraordinary! And best of all: both our tissue paper and rice paper confetti are biodegradable and eco-friendly, making them ideal for outdoor celebrations. They’re truly worth their weight in leprechaun gold!