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At Ultimate Confetti, we understand that, in this world of ours, there are a variety of occasions that call for blue confetti. The first and most obvious is a baby shower or gender reveal; nothing quite screams “It’s a boy!” like a cascade of baby blue tissue paper. Award ceremonies are another prime opportunity to break out the azure confetti; blue, after all, is the color of most 1st Prize ribbons and sashes. 45th wedding anniversaries are traditionally known as “sapphire” anniversaries, meaning that royal blue confetti may just match the gifts. Many sports teams integrate the color blue into their uniforms, and similarly-hued confetti can help you celebrate their victories. And if the guest of honor at a birthday celebration names blue as their favorite color, well, then, you know instantly what kind of confetti you should bring to the event!

The bottom line? Even though some folks associate blue with sadness…there’s actually no reason that blue paper confetti can’t be a symbol of a party, fun and happiness, too!

We offer blue tissue paper and metallic confetti in a range of shades, shapes, and finishes. Whether you’re looking for light blue tissue paper circles, dark blue metallic glitter, or even blue-colored blacklight confetti that will glow when exposed to ultraviolet light, we have the right stuff to create the perfect mood—or aesthetic. We even carry blue confetti flick sticks and hand-held cannons, just in case you’d like to take your confetti launching abilities to the next level at your next gender reveal!

Ultimate Confetti is your one-stop source for dark and baby blue confetti, blue streamers, and more. Browse our catalog to see our full collection of blue confetti, or speak to a sales representative to learn about ordering custom blends of colors and decorations as well as other party supplies!