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Ultimate Confetti is your source for Christmas confetti, streamers, glitter, and more! Browse our product catalog to see all of our offerings in festive colors like red, green, gold, silver, and white. Whether your holiday party will be a small, intimate gathering or a major event, we have the right décor to wow your guests.  

Confetti handheld cannons are a great way to make a lasting memory. Give one to every adult at your party and deploy them it’s time for the presentation of an extra-special gift.  Add festive flick sticks into the mix, which also dispense confetti or streamers but lack the explosive CO2 charge, and even the youngest party-goers can get in on the fun! Whatever you choose though, the end result will be a terrific bang and a cascade of dazzling, gorgeous confetti!

Planning a major get-together at a dedicated party venue? If you’ll be celebrating as a company, social club, church group, or any other organization, consider upgrading to one of our professional-grade, freestanding confetti cannons. They’re ideal for showering huge crowds and enormous gathering spaces with a veritable downpour of confetti and streamers.

For many people, festive décor is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the whole Christmas season. So make your winter holidays merry and bright with beautiful, high-quality holiday confetti by Ultimate Confetti!