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Have a ball with circle confetti! We think circle confetti may be the most fun of all of our confetti. It reminds us of beach balls and candy and cherries—it’s just happy! Circle confetti can look like cheerful polka dots when used on a window or table display, or spring blossom petals when it’s falling slowly over the heads of the guests at your party. Add a bit of happiness to your party with tissue circle confetti in a multitude of colors. Or go for shiny and happy with metallic circle confetti in gold, silver, multicolor, and even beautiful rose gold. 

You can use a handful to make your event or window display pop with happiness; you can show off its cheerful polka dots on tables and in windows. We’ve got circle confetti that comes in a wide variety of colors, from brilliant blues to neon yellows to sparkly metallics that shine beautifully with the candlelight at your celebration (so everyone can have their ball!). You don’t need much for this one: whether it looks like stars twinkling above your head or raindrops fresh after a spring shower, we guarantee you’ll end up smiling just looking at it! We have a variety of sizes of circle confetti, too: standard 1”, extra big and happy 2”, and 3/8” multicolor circle confetti perfect for cascarones.