Confetti Cannon Rentals

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Our confetti cannon rental options will allow you to create a “wow” moment WITHOUT breaking the bank!

At Ultimate Confetti, we have everything you need to take your confetti game to the next level, including double-shot tissue confetti cannons, blowers (big and small), electric cannons, and bases. Simply fill your dispenser of choice, plug it into a power source, and BOOM! The launcher will create a beautiful, breath-taking, continuous rain of confetti that your guests—or audience—won’t soon forget! Confetti machines are perfect for concerts, galas, sports events, birthday bashes, gender reveals, and more. 

We deliberately make the confetti machine rental process as simple and hassle-free as possible so that you can get the most bang for your buck (literally!). We also design and maintain all of our rental confetti cannons and blowers in-house, ensuring quality performance every time. Equipment can be shipped throughout United States, and standard rental periods are for up to seven days. Need to rent a confetti cannon for longer than that? Speak to an Ultimate Confetti representative today to discuss special rental terms (or purchase options).

A party’s not a party without confetti—but a confetti cannon can turn an average party into an OUTSTANDING party! 

Check out our YouTube videos to see our rentals in action.