Confetti Hand Cannons

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Good things can come in little packages. Case in point: our handheld confetti cannons!

A handheld confetti gun is ideal for venues that lack the space or power source typically required by a freestanding confetti cannon. Handheld confetti blasters are quite compact, but they’re capable of shooting confetti an impressive distance—15 to 20 feet for our 11” cannons, and 20 to 30 feet for our 22” cannons! They also feature an intuitive, easy-to-use design that makes operation a total breeze. You’ll spend less time wrestling with your confetti shooter gun and more time wowing your guests with a gorgeous, exciting display of confetti!

Our confetti handheld cannons are compatible with most of our signature confetti. Choose from pre-set packages in popular colors and styles (like blue tissue confetti, rainbow streamers, and metallic gold confetti), or create your own cannon by separately purchasing an empty barrel and your favorite style of confetti or streamers. For an additional fee, we can even load your custom cannon for you so that it arrives ready to party!

Hand-operated confetti cannons can make a small, intimate gathering truly fantastic. Whether it’s a baby shower, a birthday party, a graduation shindig, a New Year’s bash, or something else entirely, kick-start—or finish—your event with a BANG!

Important safety note: handheld cannons work utilizing an internal CO2 cartridge. NEVER aim them directly at people or animals, and ALWAYS supervise small children carefully when cannons are in use! Pre-loaded handheld confetti cannons are designed to be single-use only.