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Want to make a cool impression on your party guests or concert audience? Up your special effects game with our cryo guns!

CO2 cryo guns are used to produce clouds of CO2 (carbon dioxide) “smoke” or fog. This smoke looks spectacular—especially when combined with lasers or LEDs—and provides a cooling sensation when it comes in contact with skin. However, the fog dissipates quickly without leaving a haze or residue, making it a fun, safe option for both indoor and outdoor events!

Cryo special effects guns by Ultimate Confetti are designed with user-friendliness in mind. Simply strap a liquid CO2 tank to a performer’s back, attach the gun and an appropriately-sized hose, and turn ‘em loose! One squeeze of the trigger is all it takes to send a blast of CO2 up to 20 feet away!

These handheld CO2 cryo guns are self-contained and do not require an external power source. We offer both 20’ and 6’ hoses, as well as an optional backpack accessory (sold separately) to help facilitate easier movement for the gun operator. Guns weigh approximately 2 lbs., are 14” long (with an 8.5” barrel), 2.5” wide, and 13” tall.

Need your cryo gun in a hurry? Not a problem! At Ultimate Confetti, we pride ourselves on timeliness and efficiency. Place your order by 3 P.M. CST Monday through Friday, and we'll have it shipped via FedEx that same day!

(Please note that our cryo guns REQUIRE a 20 lb. or 50 lb. CO2 tank, a compatible hose, and a specialized washer to work properly. If you have any questions about optional or necessary accessories, don’t hesitate to speak to an Ultimate Confetti sales representative.) 

CO2 guns are intended for adult use only and should not be operated by children. To ensure safe usage, always follow the manufacturer’s directions. Liquid CO2 tanks are under high pressure and should be handled with care. Cryo guns should be fired at a distance and the spray dispersed over a large area. DO NOT aim the CO2 spray directly at people or animals!

The quoted equipment rental pricing is valid for 1- to 7-day rentals. Contact us for a custom quote on rental terms lasting longer than seven days. Your rental term starts when the equipment arrives at your location and ends when it returns back to us. We require all customers to insure return shipments for their full replacement value. If you are unsure about your selected carrier’s insurance policies, please verify this information prior to shipping your item.

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