Cryo Gun

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The Cryo Guns is used to produce clouds of CO2 smoke or fog. The smoke looks spectacular, especially when combined with lasers or LEDs. However, the fog dissipates quickly without leaving a haze or residue. It also provides a cooling sensation when it comes in contact with skin. One squeeze of the trigger is all it takes to send a blast of CO2 up to 20 feet! The Cryo Gun creates a fun, safe option for both indoor and outdoor events!

Rental Information: The quoted equipment rental pricing is valid for 1-7 day rentals. For longer productions, please contact us for a custom quote. Return shipping is not included in this pricing. Please advise us of the "need-by" date.

Required Accessories:

  • 1-20lb CO2 tank
  • 1-Cryo hose
  • 1-Cryo washer
  • 1-Cryo Gun Backpack (optional)

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