Electric Cannons

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Who says that creating a dazzling, professional-quality rain of confetti HAS to be complicated or break-the-bank expensive? With our electric confetti cannons, you can easily make an incredible visual display at your next party, wedding, or grand event that your guests won’t soon forget. Folks will think that you have a special effects expert on-hand, when all you really need is a few supplies from Ultimate Confetti!

Our electric confetti barrels come in two sizes: 22” and 30.” Both are capable of blasting confetti more than 15 feet, making them absolutely perfect for auditoriums and other, smaller venues. And their operation is relatively simple, helping to ensure that you’ll pull off the “big boom” at just the right moment. 

Confetti cannons by Ultimate Confetti are compatible with most of our signature confetti. And because each barrel can hold up to two sleeves of confetti or streamers, you can mix and match colors and styles as you see fit. For an additional fee, we’ll even load your custom confetti cannon for you so that it arrives ready to party!

A celebration’s not a celebration without confetti—but an electronic confetti cannon can turn an average event into an OUTSTANDING one!

(Please note that all confetti, electric cannons, and accessories are sold separately.)