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Confetti Cannon Guide For Any Event

Confetti Cannon Guide For Any Event

What is it about airborne confetti that is simultaneously so festive and calming?! Must be something about the way it gently flutters to the ground. Like the first fallen snow, it stirs feelings of excitement and comfort all at the same time.

But make no mistake. Shooting confetti into the air is a clear sign you’re celebrating something big. For any and every once-in-a-lifetime event, it’s absolutely the most memorable way to mark the occasion. All you need is to pick your vessel to make it a proper party.

Handheld confetti blasters and full-fledged confetti cannons are the easiest way to make your next event pop (pun intended). Knowing how to safely use a confetti cannon will help make it a blast instead of a bust.


Don’t be intimidated by confetti blasters. The noise is startling, but not deafening. Just make sure to warn your guests ahead of time. Beyond that, simply knowing how to use them ultimately comes down to a few simple instructions.

Start by watching this instructional demonstration to see an example of how to use a handheld confetti cannon - without blowing it. You can also refer to the instructions on the package itself. Arrows clearly indicate which direction your confetti will fly.

Note that the cannon is always pointed away from the operator, all other people, and any breakables. It’s intentionally held at a 45-degree angle to ensure the confetti reaches its maximum possible distance while keeping everyone safe from the initial blast.


  • How far back should you stand when operating handheld, single use confetti cannon? At least 6 feet, but consult your individual model for details.
  • Can you use confetti cannons inside? The short answer is, it depends on the cannon. Feel free to contact us about cannons that may be appropriate for indoor use.

You can choose between a one-time use or specialty cannon (we’re partial to the Halloween Confetti Cannon ourselves) and a reusable hand cannon, depending on your specific celebration.


Ready to take things up a notch? Time to discover how to confetti cannon your way into the party planner hall of fame.

So how does a confetti cannon work anyway? That’s a good question.

We always find seeing them in action helps. Here’s another short confetti blaster instructions video to help you conceptualize things.

Though slightly more noisy than the handheld option, confetti cannons are still moderately ear drum-friendly. If you are sensitive to noise or have small children, a pair of noise cancelling headphones will work wonders. Though it’s a good idea to ensure any members of your fur family are kept at a safe distance where they aren’t at risk of escaping the premises.

Remember that some electric cannons can send confetti up to more than 15 feet, so keep this in mind when you’re planning your setup. If you choose to rent a confetti cannon, we’re happy to help make placement recommendations.


There’s no limit to the types of events you can enrich with an exciting handheld or electric confetti cannon. Though from past experience, we can say these celebrations take the cake:

  • Gender reveal parties
  • Graduation parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Fourth of July celebrations
  • Halloween parties
  • Bachelorette parties
  • Wedding receptions
  • Surprise birthdays
  • Surprise engagements or engagement parties
  • New Years Eve events
  • Promotion celebrations
  • Housewarming/first home parties
  • End of chemo celebrations
  • Marathons
  • Family reunions
  • Concerts (yes, at home concerts totally count)
  • Sporting events (from little league to the Super Bowl)
  • Fridays! (oh yeah - we went there)


There’s nothing like confetti to really get the party started. And the best part? Ultimate Confetti’s tissue confetti is naturally biodegradable. That means it’s earth-friendly and safe to use outdoors so you never have to worry about your festivities being a party pooper. 

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