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A Picture Perfect Guide For Your Next Confetti Photoshoot

A Picture Perfect Guide For Your Next Confetti Photoshoot

It takes more than a camera attached to your smartphone to be a good photographer. Still, many people make the mistake of thinking that they can capture the perfect picture without training.

While they’re not entirely wrong, a successful confetti photo does require a little extra effort. It’s part art, part science and you really need both to prevent your picture from coming out blurry or sloppy looking.

Popular for all variety of celebrations and events, confetti photography is the natural choice for once in a lifetime moments like weddings, graduations, gender reveals, birthdays, etc. Pro tip: using eco-friendly confetti for outdoor photoshoots is key since it tends to have a mind of its own once it gets released. But don't worry, it still has the same exciting impact!

Take this roundup of fun photoshoot ideas and confetti photo techniques to heart if you really want to nail your next shoot.


When staging a confetti photoshoot, lighting is everything. Even if you are planning to use artificial lights or a flash indoors (which you probably should), it’s not a bad idea to schedule the shoot around the golden hour – usually a couple hours right after sunrise or right before the sun sets. That way you can snap some photos indoors and out.


Again, if you’re outdoors, make sure the confetti is biodegradable. It’s next to impossible to clean up, otherwise. You’ll need a fair amount of it, too. Since it’s unlikely you’ll get the winning shot on the first try, you will almost certainly need to do several throws to get it right.

Larger, multicolor confetti looks nice in pictures and tends to fall slower than the small stuff. Indoors, you’re better off tossing a couple handfuls of confetti each take rather than using a confetti cannon, unless you have a huge group shot you’re trying to capture.

Any less and your photo may be lackluster. Any more and you could overshadow your subject. Be sure to toss high up and on either side of your model(s) to get good, even coverage.


The faster your shutter speed, the better chance you have of capturing the falling confetti while ensuring it stays in focus. About 1/200 is usually a good starting point, especially if paired with a lower lens aperture of roughly f/2.8.

You can also use a floor fan on low to help the confetti stay in motion longer and/or create a photo “burst” so you snap more pictures in a single frame.


You don’t have to attend art school in order to edit a great photo. Though it could be a good idea to brush up on some of the basics. REI has a great tutorial on editing photos that will help you get started.

For the more advanced, use a professional photo editing software to stack photos or create a layered mask that can capture the confetti stills from different frames.


There is no shortage of creative photoshoot ideas to choose from. For those who want to think outside the confetti petal and make something even more memorable, try staging one of these creative confetti shots:

  • Under a blacklight. Blacklight Confetti sets up the ultimate party picture. Forget what we said about choosing the right time of day. For this, you want to extinguish all light except that being emitted from the blacklight. Start by removing your camera’s blacklight filter, adjusting your settings, and exercising some extreme editing.
  • In the water. Water-Soluble Confetti is perfect if you want to do a photoshoot in or near water. However, you’ll need more than a waterproof camera to get the shot. You’ll want to ensure that the image comes out straight. Most of the time, that means checking to see the horizon is aligned within your viewfinder. You’ll also want to make sure you turn off your flash. Since water is so reflective, it will create an unsightly ‘hotspot’ that can throw off the entire picture.
  • With a confetti ‘creator’. Most shots have the confetti falling ethereally from beyond the frame. However, if you want to create a more engaging photo, give your subject some flick sticks and have them create the party on-screen. Flick sticks also make it easier to control where your confetti will fall since you can more easily direct the spray.

Whether you have something to say or something to celebrate, confetti photos are an exciting way to showcase your talent and capture something special.

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