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Free Shipping over $100 in the US!

Gold Metallic Foil Confetti - Stars (1lb)

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These confetti pieces are truly out of this world! Dazzle guests at your next birthday party or special event with Ultimate Confetti’s metallic, gold star confetti! Bulk confetti is a fun, quirky way to decorate for galas, and our star-shaped confetti is specially designed with aerodynamics in mind. Unlike blink-and-you-miss-them, real-life falling stars, star-shaped confetti will fall slowly to facilitate a picture-perfect scene. And the way it naturally reflects light, twists, and dances in the air will create a show that your guests won’t soon forget!

How to Use:

Loose confetti can be sprinkled over tables, chairs, and other furniture to serve as static party decorations, or it can be tossed into the air to drum up excitement at a pivotal moment in your event (e.g., grand entrances, announcements, and song finales). Our star confetti is compatible with our 2” confetti cannon barrels and most kinds of confetti blowers, but it can also be deployed by hand in settings where these kinds of party supplies are verboten. Please note that metallic confetti is not colorfast, and therefore, it may fade over time or transfer onto light-colored surfaces. What’s Included Bulk confetti is sold by the pound. Individual star pieces are 2” wide by 2” long. All confetti bags and confetti cannons/blowers are sold separately.

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