Gender Reveal

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Baby gender announcements are nearly always fun. Even if you don’t have a particular preference as to your future child’s gender, it IS a bit thrilling to learn whether you’ll soon be welcoming a baby boy or a baby girl. And one way to take this excitement up a notch—AND involve other people in the hoopla—is to host a full-blown gender reveal party

Ultimate Confetti is your source for baby gender reveal décor:

  • Gender reveal table confetti
  • Gender reveal powder cannons
  • Gender reveal confetti champagne cannons
  • And gender reveal flick sticks

We have everything you need to make the announcement a roaring good time for prospective parents and guests alike. Powder cannons will let loose with a blast of safe, corn starch based powder, while gender reveal champagne bottle cannons, flick sticks, and hand cannons will fill the air with gorgeous, baby pink or baby blue confetti. And once the gender “secret’s” out, you can decorate the hors d’oeuvre table (and guest goodie bags!) with our specialty baby shower table confetti and streamers.

When it comes to pink and blue gender reveals, powder and confetti are simpler, safer alternatives to fireworks and other special effects. At the same time, though, they’re a bit more fun and flashy than a simply cutting into a cake or popping a balloon. So enjoy this happy medium with party supplies by Ultimate Confetti! 

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