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Ultimate Confetti is your source for graduation confetti and streamers! Our immense selection of shades and hues makes it easy to mix and match your school colors. We also offer red, white, and blue combo packs, as well as the “classic” celebratory colors of gold and silver. So whether your  honoree is graduating from high school, college, or even a military training program, you’ll be able to show your pride in their accomplishments with gorgeous, festive confetti!

Want to take your confetti-tossing “game” to the next level? Our pre-loaded flick sticks enable you to send a cascade of confetti dancing through the air with just a simple flick of the wrist. Because there’s no CO2 cartridge, there’s no loud noise or explosive pop when the confetti is deployed. This makes flick sticks safe for most venues (and users). They’re wonderful fun for small children, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a teenager or adult who doesn’t like them, too!

For extra convenience, we offer special graduation confetti packages. Simply select two colors of confetti, and we’ll send the recipient ¼ of a pound of the stuff, along with six gold flick sticks and a congratulatory message. These packages make great gifts when you can’t make the actual ceremony—you’ll bring the celebration directly to the honoree’s doorstep!

Graduations are special because they represent a long period of hard work and dedication in order to reach a goal. This kind of effort should NOT be ignored or understated, so celebrate your recent grad’s accomplishment—and create a sensational photo op—with beautiful, high-quality décor from Ultimate Confetti!