Metallic Bulk

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Put a little shine in your life! Metallic confetti is crafted from a special material that catches and reflects ambient light, meaning that it seems to sparkle when viewed from certain angles…or as it falls through the air. Whether you need simple, rectangle-shaped confetti, bulk festive dot confetti, shimmering star confetti, or even tiny glitter confetti, we offer a wide selection of party décor in a rainbow of hues, including multi-colored confetti assortments!

Our bulk confetti is ideal for making your home (or a venue) a little more beautiful and festive. Sprinkle a little confetti on table and chairs, use it to create confetti balloons, toss it into the air during pivotal moments in the event—the only limit is your imagination! To choose the “right” confetti for parties, we recommend either matching already-purchased/owned party supplies, opting for the guest of honor’s favorite colors, or going with neutral shades like black, white, gold, and silver. Or, alternatively, you can go off the board and select whatever catches your eye. When it comes to color confetti, there ARE no hard and fast rules! 

At Ultimate Confetti, we pride ourselves on being your #1 source for celebration confetti and confetti decorations. Browse our catalog to see what we have available, or speak to a sales representative directly to learn about custom orders…including how we can make a unique blend of colored confetti just for you!