Pink Metallic Glitter

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Make your venue “pretty in pink” with our metallic pink glitter!

Pink glitter is a fun way to add a little sparkle and shine to weddings, theatrical performances, concerts, and more. Like all of our confetti, this glitter is specially designed with showmanship in mind; when tossed into the air, it’ll create a wave of iridescence…and an image that your guests won’t soon forget. Shiny pink party supplies are also ideal for gender reveals and sip-and-sees. After all, what better way to celebrate a “little princess” than iridescent confetti that reminds your guests of precious gems—or rosy cheeks?

How to Use

Loose glitter can be sprinkled over tables, chairs, and other furniture to create elaborate visual displays, added to envelopes or balloons to create one-of-a-kind party decorations, or thrown to drum up excitement at a pivotal moment in your event (e.g., announcements, song finales, and gender reveals). Individual glitter pieces are significantly larger than traditional craft glitter flecks, making it safer to handle and easier to clean up than plain glitter. Please note that our metallic glitter confetti is not colorfast, and therefore, it may fade over time or transfer onto light-colored surfaces. 

What’s Included

  • Bulk glitter is sold by the pound.
  • Glitter pieces are ” wide by ” long.

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