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Party on with purple confetti! Purple represents nobility, wealth, wisdom, peace, pride, and magic—just think of the party possibilities! Celebrate a promotion or graduation with purple confetti. Honor your homecoming royalty with purple confetti streamers. Combine purple confetti with rainbow confetti for a pride parade or party. Give any event a mystical flavor with metallic purple confetti, or let guests dispense their own magic with handheld flick sticks. Purple confetti can also create a mood. Recall a twilight atmosphere with showers of purple snow confetti, or celebrate a special February birthday or anniversary with amethyst-purple confetti. Our slow-falling purple confetti is flame-resistant and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes of both streamers and traditional confetti. Best of all, it’s pretty and perfect for your party!

Purple confetti symbolizes wisdom, peace, and magic and can create the perfect mood. Celebrate a promotion or graduation with purple confetti to express your pride and joy. Honor your homecoming royalty with purple streamers. Purple confetti is perfect for celebrating any kind of event from a Pride parade to an intimate gathering—and it's also indispensable in all times of magical celebration! Combine yellow confetti with purple along with red, white, and blue to make party decorations for Independence Day celebrations as well. Make an entrance or exit by having wedding guests use handheld purple flick sticks for extra wow!