Reusable Hand Cannon

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Prepare for years of fun with a reusable hand confetti cannon!

Here’s the thing about confetti: Once you use it at a party, you’ll never want to have an event without it. So why not take your confetti “game” to the next level? A reusable confetti cannon will allow you to launch confetti or streamers anyplace, anytime! Take it to the soccer tournament. Loan it to your school dance committee. Have it on hand for your Fourth of July barbecue. Regardless of the occasion, when you bust out a reusable confetti cannon, folks know that they’re in for a great time!

Our handheld cannons are easy to use; all you need is compression tape, a compression cap, a CO2 cartridge, and confetti or streamers. Buy individual parts on an as-needed basis, or opt for one of our convenient, all-in-one packages. Cannons are compatible with loose confetti in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, but we also offer confetti and streamers in sleeves to facilitate quick, simple loading and blasting. Truly, Ultimate Confetti is your source for everything you need to create a spectacular display!

(Please note that confetti, streamers, and hand cannons are each sold separately.)