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Confetti cannons and blowers make it possible to dispense copious amounts of confetti significantly farther than anyone who’s NOT a professional athlete can possibly throw. However, to truly get the most out of your confetti launcher, it helps to have the right type of packaged confetti—and that’s where our confetti sleeves truly shine!

Unlike the large “bricks” that are the usual packaging for our bulk confetti, confetti sleeves keep the individual pieces in a single-file line of neat stacks. Not only are these sleeves a little more streamlined and portable than a bulk bag, but they’re specifically designed to enable fast, easy loading of cannons. Simply tear open one end of the sleeve, drop the confetti pieces into the barrel, and get ready to launch! This process is so much neater than trying to add confetti by hand or directly from a bag, which means less time prepping and more time enjoying your handiwork.

We offer sleeves of confetti in multiple finishes. Whether you’re searching for metallic confetti that will sparkle as it dances through the air, blacklight confetti that will glow when exposed to ultraviolet light, or just biodegradable tissue confetti that will look beautiful and dazzle your guests without any fancy tricks, we’ve got the right stuff for the job! From a technical standpoint, sleeves of metallic confetti and sleeves of tissue confetti are interchangeable, and metallic confetti sleeves and tissue confetti sleeves are compatible with most of our confetti blowers and cannons. You can mix and match confetti and equipment to suit your purposes—or as you see fit!

Ultimate Confetti is your one-stop source for confetti, confetti sleeves, confetti launchers, and more! Browse our catalog to see what we have available, or speak to a sales representative to learn about custom orders. Let us help you bring your vision for the ultimate party to life!