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When it comes to confetti streamers for parties and other special events, Ultimate Confetti’s selection can’t be beat. We offer streamers in a plethora of hues, color combinations, and lengths. Choose from shiny metallic streamers or eco-friendly tissue paper streamers. Either way, your guests will love the cascade of color created when you let the streamers fly.

Streamers are all the fun of traditional confetti but require considerably less cleanup. This quality, paired with the fact that they actually tend to fly higher and sail further when shot out of a confetti launcher, makes them a neat alternative—one especially well-suited to larger venues, like ballrooms and stadiums.

Despite their relative size and long length, though, handling and transportation won’t be an issue. That’s because all of OUR streamers are packed into sleeves. To deploy by hand, simply cut open the package, grab one end of an individual streamer, and give it a toss. To deploy out of a cannon or dispenser, cut one side of the sleeve, drop all of the rolled up steamers into the barrel (20 in every package), take aim, and fire! We even offer confetti and streamers in corresponding colors (sold separately), so you can mix and match as you see fit.

Ultimate Confetti is your source for party streamers and confetti. Make your next celebration one that your guests—and the guest of honor—will never forget!