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Table top confetti, also known as table scatter confetti, is—as its name implies—a special kind of confetti meant to beautify tables and other surfaces. While this type of confetti IS still small and lightweight enough to be tossed (and we’re certainly not going to police anyone’s usage of party confetti!), it truly shines when it’s stationary. And we do mean that literally, as all of our table confetti is metallic and has a reflective sheen to it! Confetti table decorations are an excellent “final touch” to your party décor, and using specialty confetti for table decorations is a good idea because its relative size and weight will help keep it from shifting around the way traditional tissue paper confetti often does.

We offer party table confetti in a variety of designs—from simple shapes to words and phrases—that are suitable for a range of events. The word “BABY” in pink foil, for example, is excellent for baby showers celebrating the imminent arrival of a little princess. Multi-colored balloons will almost certainly delight young guests during cake time at a birthday bash. Gold or silver stars can make the buffet table at your New Year’s Eve soiree just a little more special. The list goes on and on!

Like so many pretty, delightful things in life, tabletop confetti isn’t NECESSARY when you’re hosting a get-together. But it certainly makes everything a little more fun!