Ultimate Gender Reveal Cannon Package ( 2 Pack )

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Have the coolest and most memorable gender reveal on the block with our ultimate baby gender reveal cannon package!

This bundle features two of our tried-and-true confetti hand cannons in two different size options: 11” and 22.” The boy gender reveal cannons dispense blue tissue confetti, while the girl gender reveal cannons dispense pink tissue confetti. But because the cannons have all of the color information completely blacked out AND opaque silver paper stuck to either end, there’s no way for party guests—or even the Mommy-To-Be—to know for sure what the tube contains. The color of the confetti will remain a secret until the moment the cannon is fired! The subsequent bang and shower of confetti will create an amazing, mesmerizing display…and a great photo op, too!

These gender reveal cannons are self-contained and do not require any kind of additional power source. Just give the tube a twist and let the confetti fly. They’re simple enough to operate that even young revelers can get in on the fun.

How to Use

Cannons work utilizing an internal CO2 cartridge. NEVER aim them directly at people or animals, and ALWAYS supervise small children carefully when cannons are in use! 11” cannons will shoot confetti 15 to 20 Feet, while 22” cannons will shoot confetti 20 to 30 feet. 

What's Included

  • Package includes either two 22” cannons OR two 11” cannons.
  • Cannons come pre-loaded and are designed to discharge one blast of “ammunition.”
  • Both cannons in this package will dispense the same color confetti. For information about ordering two different-colored cannons (i.e., to reveal fraternal twins), please speak to an Ultimate Confetti sales representative directly.

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