Water-Soluble Confetti

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These days, more and more folks are concerned about the potential environmental impact of large gatherings, especially outdoor ones—so much so that some people have even sworn off of festive décor completely because of the possibility of creating litter. At Ultimate Confetti, we definitely support the concept of “going green”...but we also know that no celebration is truly completely without fun, festive confetti. What’s the solution to this conundrum? Well, it’s simple: Water-Soluble Confetti!

Our water-soluble confetti is made from translucent shreds of rice paper instead of plastic or tissue paper. It’s naturally soft white in color, but it can be dyed various hues to meet your individual needs. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with our confetti blowers but you can purchase 6inch or 14inch flick sticks, making it perfect (and convenient) for weddings and special events.  

Unlike many other kinds of confetti, though, this material dissolves quickly and easily with just a little water and agitation. There’s no need to sweep up or chase pieces that get caught on the wind.

So toss handfuls of loose confetti on the happy couple making their way down the recessional, pop that surprise-reveal balloon to see what your future holds, and even shake your confetti flick sticks at the winning sports team to celebrate their triumph! Ultimate Confetti’s water-soluble confetti allows you to do so absolutely guilt-free!