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6 Confetti Alternative Ideas For Weddings And Events!

6 Confetti Alternative Ideas For Weddings And Events!

Throwing confetti at weddings and special events dates back hundreds of years. Like many wedding traditions, it originated in European countries like Greece and Italy.

According to Good Housekeeping, “The Oxford English Dictionary’s first reference to the use of confetti at British weddings is dated 1895,’ explains Edwina. ‘It says: “Visitors to the Riviera … were assured … that the confetti to be used at Eastbourne would be the small parti-coloured paper discs which are known in France, and which are taking the place of the time-honored rice at English wedding festivities.”

Excited to carry on the tradition? Start by checking with your venue to see their protocol on wedding tosses and clean-up. Most have policies about what can be thrown and where. Some also charge an extra fee for disposing of any confetti or wedding toss items left on venue grounds, even if it’s eco-friendly like the wedding confetti offered by Ultimate Confetti.

With wedding season at its peak, now’s the time to start making plans. Review this list of wedding confetti alternatives to help make your grand exit.


As a symbol of fertility, rice has long been the go-to way to shower newlywed couples. It signifies wishes for a healthy family, hearty crops, and prosperity. Popularized by the Ancient Romans and Celts, the tradition took hold in what eventually became Great Britain, following the first American settlers across the pond.

It’s a great eco-safe option that won’t harm plants or animals. Nope - not even birds. (That’s just a vicious rumor with no scientific basis.) However, some brides and grooms don’t love the feel of rice pellets hitting their skin and turn to other rice and confetti alternatives.


Looking for a truly unique alternative to throwing confetti? Why not try an ethereal and ultra-cool smoke cannon?!

Picture this: you and you sweetie have just said ‘I do’. Guests are anxiously awaiting you at the reception venue. Then, the lights dim, the music starts up, the smoke cannons go off, and through the mist, there you two appear! It’s a great way to build suspense and make a memorable entrance (or exit)!


No wedding is complete without at least some flowers. How you choose to incorporate them and to what degree is up to you. A wedding toss of dried flowers is a cost-effective alternative to having huge floral displays at your ceremony.

They make ideal alternatives to confetti at weddings because of how slowly they fall when thrown into the air. Dried flowers also emit a pleasant aroma and can add effortless pops of color that contribute to the overall feel of your wedding. (Pro tip: Storing petals in a cool, dry place can help them last for up to a year!)


If you have a venue that is ok with confetti, so long as it’s biodegradable, consider giving your guests flick sticks. They fall slowly enough for your photographer to capture every special glance during your first few moments as a newly wedded couple.

Flick sticks also make it easy for your guests to shower you in an effortlessly uniform way. No fumbling with bags or losing the small wedding toss items ahead of your big exit. You can dress them up or hand them out as-is for a stylish au revoir on your special day.


If your venue is a stickler for confetti, you can get a similar effect by taking a hole punch to colorful leaves. Simply work your way around, collecting the punched out pieces. Place handfuls into decorative bags or sacks to elevate this green wedding toss idea.


Wedding streamers are another picture-perfect alternative to throwing confetti. The wedding confetti alternative looks amazing surrounding the happy couple with a display of love from their community. The incredible pictures will show off your artistic side and help you really capture this once in a lifetime moment.

Choose from colored streamers that match your wedding palette or go with a crisp white to keep things neutral.

Deciding what to throw at weddings is a big decision. Ultimate Confetti wants to help you celebrate your wedding day however suits you best. We can add color to your celebration and create a memorable centuries-old wedding toss tradition; anything to help you make this long awaited day all that much more special for everyone involved.

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